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ProHorse Himalaya Leckstein 2 3kg

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€4.95 €8.85 ProHorse Himalaya Leckstein 2 3kg
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€3.99 €6.95 €10.94 Excellent Himalaya Salt Lick
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6 Salt Licks for €17,95! (€2,99 per piece!) - 2-3kg each The Himalayan Salt Lick is a natural lick and contains the highest salt content of all the different licks out there. The Himalayan lick consists of natural crystal salt and is extracted by hand in the Himalayan mountains. Because they are extracted by hand, the licks all have a different shapes and sizes. Because the Himalayan lick is unprocessed, it has not softened as a result of moisture used in an industrial production process. This means that the horse cannot just bite the lick to pieces and it is economical in use. In addition to the salt, the Himalayan lick contains a small proportion of trace elements such as magnesium and copper to supplement the general daily quantity. The lick is pierced and comes with rope so it's easy to secure in the barn. Note: It is possible that your horse will pee more as a result of feeding a lick. As long as the horse has unlimited access to water, there will be no excess salt.


• naturbelassener Salzleckstein aus dem Himalaya • ca. 2,5 kg • enthält Mineralien und Spurenelemente Himalaya Kristallsalz stammt nicht aus dem Himalaya Gebirge, sondern aus einer ca. 200 - 300 km entfernten Hügelkette im Norden Pakistans.


Marken: Hofman Animal care
Kategorie: Leckerli für Pferde
EAN: 8716759500419
GrØße: 2-3kg


Excellent Himalaya Salt Lick